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本文摘要:G=Guest 客人 R=Receptionist 服务员(1) Special service 特别服务① Early/ morning call 早晨叫醒G: Good evening! This is Mr. Cruise in room 4321.晚上好,我是4321房间的克鲁斯先生。R: Good evening, Mr. Cruise. What can I do for you?晚上好,克鲁斯先生。您有什么事情?


G=Guest 客人 R=Receptionist 服务员(1) Special service 特别服务① Early/ morning call 早晨叫醒G: Good evening! This is Mr. Cruise in room 4321.晚上好,我是4321房间的克鲁斯先生。R: Good evening, Mr. Cruise. What can I do for you?晚上好,克鲁斯先生。您有什么事情?G: I’m going to Shanghai early tomorrow morning. So I would like request an early morning call.我明天一大早要去上海,因此我想让你们明天早上叫醒我。R: Yes, Mr. Cruise, at what time would you like us to call you tomorrow morning?好,克鲁斯先生,你想让我明天早上什么时候叫醒您?G: Well, I’m not really sure. But I have to be at the conference room of Shanghai by 9o’clock. You wouldn’t know how long it takes to drive to Shanghai from the hotel, would you?我也说禁绝什么时间好。

可是我9点钟必须赶到上海饭馆的集会厅。您或许不知道从这儿开车到上海要多长时间吧,您知道吗?R: And about three hours.约莫三小时。

G: That means that I’ll have to be on the road by half past six at the latest.就是说明早最迟我也要在6点半钟上路。R: That’s right.对了。G: Well, in that case, I would like you to call me at 5:30?那样的话,你们在5点30分叫醒我好吗?R: Ok, so we will wake you up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Good night, Mr. Cruise. Have a good sleep.行。


祝您睡个好觉。G: Good night.晚上。② Repairing service 维修服务R: Housekeeping. May I come in?客房部,可以进来吗?G: Sure, come in.固然,请进。

R: Thank you. Have you called for service?谢谢。你需要服务?G: Yes, I’m afraid there’s something wrong with the TV. The picture is wobbly.是的,恐怕这部电视机有点问题,画面摇摆不定。

R: May I have a look at it?让我看看好吗?G: Here it is.在这里。R: (Tries to fix it, but in vain) Don’t worry, I’ll report to the Maintenance Department right away. It will be repaired in a few minutes.(试着修理,但失败了)。

别担忧,我会连忙通知维修部,很快会修好的。G: Thanks a lot. By the way, the air conditioner does not work. It’s so hot in this room.多谢,另有,这部空调机也坏了。房间里热得要死。

R: I’ll ask the electrician to check it too.我会请电工检查的。(Later)(稍后)R: I’m terribly sorry. The air conditioner in your room is out of order. It takes time to repair. I’m afraid you have to change to another room. We have arranged one on the 12th floor for you. Sorry for you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.实在歉仄,你房间的空调机坏了,需要时间修理,恐怕你要换房了。我们在12楼摆设了另一个房间,歉仄为你带来未便。

G: That’ a nuisance. I’ve just put everything out!真讨厌,我刚把工具拿出来了。R: We’re very sorry for that. The bellboy will move the luggage when you’re ready. I apologize for the inconvenience caused and assure you that every thing will be fine in the new room.很是歉仄,小姐。


③ When stolen happened 丢失物品R=Receptionist 接待员 G=Guest 客人R: Good afternoon, Mrs. Cruise. What’s the matter with you?下午好,克鲁斯夫人。您有什么事?G: My necklace had been stolen.有人偷了我的项链。R: What a pity. Please come in the office tell me how this thing had happened.很遗憾。

请到办公室里来,把事情的经由告诉我?G: Of course ( They go inside the reception office).固然。(他们一起走进接待办公室)。R: Are you sure that it isn’t still some where in your room?您肯定项链现在不在你的房间里的什么地方吗?G: Yes, I have looked everywhere in my room and couldn’t find it.肯定,我在房间里都找遍了,没找到。

R: When and where did you last see it?您最后一次是什么时候在什么地方瞥见项链的?G: Last night on the dresser. I took it off before I went for a shower and forgot to put it back on after the shower and this morning I left the hotel in a hurry without wearing it.昨天晚上在梳妆台上。我冲澡之前把它摘下来,洗完我忘了戴上。

今天早上我没有戴上就慌忙脱离饭馆。R: Are you sure that you didn’t wear it this morning?您确定今天早上没有戴着它吗?G: Yes, I’m positive.是的,确定。R: Did you remember to lock your door before you left then?你脱离房间时记得锁房门了吗?G: Yes, I think I did.是的,我想我锁了。R: Well, I understand how you feel and we’ll try to do our best to help you. But first please allow me to send one of the housemaids to your room and look for it again thoroughly just in case it is still there. If she finds it we’ll all be happy. But I must say that the hotel can’t be held responsible for your loss. You should have locked your necklace away at the hotel’s safety box.我明白你的感受。



可是我必须申明,饭馆对您的损失不卖力任。您本应该把项链存在饭馆的保险柜里。G: That just isn’t good enough. Get me your general manager. I want to speak to him right now.这可不行。把你们总司理给我找来。

我想现在跟他谈谈。R: I’m sorry, madam. Our general manager is not in now. But I’d be more than glad to get our assistant manager for you if your like. But I’m afraid that he’ll say the same thing. And now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go and find our assistant manager for you.对不起,夫人。我们总司理现在不在。


失陪了,我去给您找我们的副司理。④ Emergency service 紧迫服务When Guest was hurt 客人受伤R=Room attendant 客房服务员 G=Guest 客人G: Would somebody help me? Hurry up, please!救命呀!请快一点!R: What is the matter?出什么事呢?G: My husband has slipped in the bathroom! His leg may be broken!我丈夫在浴室里滑了一跤,可能摔断腿了!R: I’ll get help immediately. Don’t move him. His leg may be broken!(Calls the ambulance and returns)我连忙去找人来帮助,请别动他。他的腿可能跌断了。

(叫救护车后回来)G: Oh! He’s bleeding, see his head!天呀!他的头在流血!R: Don’t worry, madam. Help is on the way. Please bring a fresh towel and wash his face. ( The ambulance arrives and the man is taken to the hospital. )别担忧,太太,救护车很快就会到达,请拿一条洁净毛巾给他擦一擦面?(救护车来到,男客人被送往医院。)When guest was sick 客人生病G = Guest 客人 R = Room attendant 服务员R: Housekeeping?客房服务部?G: I’ve got diarrhea. Please sand for a doctor.我拉肚子,请给我找医生来。

R: Right away, sir. ( The doctor arrives, confirms it is food poisoning. He gives the guest an injection and some medicine. )我马上去办。(医生到来,证实是食物中毒,而且替客人注射还留下一些药。)R: Do you feel better now, Mr. Cruise?以为好点了吗,克鲁斯先生?G: Yes, it’s much better. Thank you.很多多少了,谢谢。

R: It’s my pleasure to help you, Mr. Cruise. Please remember to take the medicine on time. I’ll bring you a pot of hot water right away.我很兴奋能帮上忙,克鲁斯先生。请记着定时服药,我马上替你取一瓶开水。Small fire 小火灾R = Room attendant 客房服务员( The fire alarm rings and everybody rushes to the corridor in a panic. )(火灾警报响起,客人都恐慌地冲出房门。

)R: ( Through the amplifier ) Ladies and gentlemen, there is a small fire in hotel but it is already under control. So, please be calm. In order to ensure your safety, please follow me to the lobby by the emergency exit. Please leave your luggage behind and don’t use the elevator. Thank you for your cooperation.(通过扩音器)列位先生,女士,旅店里发生了一场小火,但火势已经获得控制,请列位保持镇静。为保障列位的宁静,请随我由紧迫出口到大堂。




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